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Our mission

Our Mission: To empower businesses of all sizes to harness the transformative potential of artificial intelligence through accessible solutions and expert guidance. We provide cutting-edge AI integration software, tailored automation strategies, and ongoing research and development. Our goal is to optimize your operations, boost efficiency, and drive innovation across your organization.

We collaborate with you to understand your unique challenges, delivering customized AI integrations and automation strategies that propel your business forward.

Our vision and values

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We embrace change and acknowledge different perspectives to shape our future.


We drive success together and leverage our collective knowledge to stay ahead.


We learn and create together and act responsibly to deliver sustainable value.

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We form successful collaborations


Excellence as a benchmark

The highest quality service and its outcome is our priority, and we aim to achieve this through technical and operational excellence.

Pushing professional limits

We are always hungry for more, never fully satisfied with our achievements and strive to exceed our professional expectations in everything we do.


We encourage proactive communication, curiosity, and a mindset of never giving up. Our employees speak up, show innovation, and accept responsibility.

Business orientation

We are responsible for the end result, the client's satisfaction, and success. We all play as part of one team, dedicated to one goal - company growth.

Wondering what languages and technologies we work with? Here's a list:

Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

and others...

We leverage the best AI has to offer

Expect innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible

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What do AI automation services cover, precisely?

AI automation services can cover a surprisingly wide range of solutions.

  • Process Automation:
    1. Workflow Automation: Creating and implementing AI-powered workflows to streamline routine tasks across various business functions (e.g., invoice processing, customer onboarding).
    2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Using software bots in combination with AI insights to automate repetitive data-driven tasks that follow set rules.
  • Data Analysis & Insights:
    1. Predictive analytics: AI models analyze historical data to uncover trends and predict future outcomes (e.g., forecasting sales, customer churn)
    2. Anomaly detection: Detecting unusual patterns in data, which could indicate equipment malfunctions, fraudulent activity, or new opportunities.
    3. Data visualization: Creating easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that highlight important insights from complex data sets.
  • Customer Service & Support:
    1. Chatbots and virtual assistants: AI-powered conversational tools to answer routine questions, resolve simple issues, and route customers to the appropriate human agent when needed.
    2. Intelligent ticket routing: AI analyzes incoming support requests and intelligently categorizes them, ensuring they reach the right teams.
    3. Sentiment analysis: Analyzing customer feedback to understand satisfaction levels and identify potential issues.
  • Specialized Industry Solutions:
    1. Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance, quality control, supply chain optimization.
    2. Healthcare: AI-assisted diagnosis, robot-assisted surgery, drug discovery.
    3. Finance: Fraud detection, risk analysis, algorithmic trading.
    4. Retail: Personalized product recommendations, inventory optimization, demand forecasting.

How do you figure out the cost of an AI project?

It's definitely a challenge! Things like the project's complexity, the technology involved, and your accuracy requirements all impact the price. To get the most reliable estimate, we suggest starting with a proof of concept and taking an iterative approach. This helps control the potential unknowns in longer-term projects.

Is technical experience required for AI automation systems?

You don't need a technical background to use our AI-powered systems! We design them to be user-friendly. Plus, we offer complete documentation and support, so you'll feel confident using them. If you ever need further help, our engineers and managers are ready to assist.

How can AI automation boost your business performance?

AI automation has the potential to revolutionize your business. It boosts efficiency, reduces errors, and gives your team time to tackle strategic goals. Plus, AI helps you unlock the power of your data for smarter, better-informed decision-making.

Will automation change your team structure?

That's entirely up to you. Remember, automation isn't about eliminating jobs. By automating tedious tasks, you give your team the time and space to concentrate on strategic thinking, creativity, and the high-value work that matters most.

How AI Automation Services are Delivered?

  • Consulting: APIXON analyze existing processes, identify areas for AI-driven improvement, and strategize on implementation.
  • Software Development: Creation of custom AI automation solutions tailored specifically to a business's needs.
  • Integration: Seamless integration of AI automation tools with existing business systems and workflows.
  • Training & Support: Guidance for employees on how to effectively use new AI-powered tools, plus ongoing support for maintenance and troubleshooting.

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